Sell your art with Arthentico

Our goal is to give talented artists a chance to become part of a unique art movement from Vienna and to support them on the way of their career!

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Access to our platform is restricted in the form of so-called "batches".

The guiding principle of our strategy is that we don't want to oversupply the market; instead, we want to collaborate with our artists to build a platform that is ideally suited to both their requirements and those of our target audience.

The following benefits await the selected artists:
Despite our youth, we have gained experience in a variety of businesses and activities, which places us in an excellent position to positively affect the art market.
We understand the importance of collaboration for success, which is why we are constantly available to our artists.
We handle the organization of sales processes and events, as well as the associated negotiations and logistical tasks.
In the first round, we set a goal of adding 20 artists in our portfolio who impress us above all with their expertise, creativity, and devotion to originality. This target has already been met, and we are now growing our platform with talent from Italy, Austria, Israel, and Ukraine. Every day, we learn from our artists and hope for a long-term and successful cooperation.
At the moment there are still a few places available for the second batch!
If you are an artist who has any questions, please feel free to sign up for our newsletter for a chance to have an initial conversation with us!