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Faults of generation, 2020

Alina Babenko
Size: 100*100 cm
Material: oil on canvas

The subject of this picture is like the root system of the family network. More like a Family tree, which is made of feelings, choices, decisions, and actions of our forbearers: enter or leave the family, leave behind a whole legacy after death, or cut the family line at all.

Name: “Faults of generation”
Series: “Dialogue”
Size: 100*100 cm
Material: oil on canvas
Place of creation: Kyiv
Date of creation: 2020
Stil: Abstract

Название: “Ошибки поколений”
Серия: “Диалог”
Размер: 100*100 см
Материал: масло, холст
Место создания: Киев
Дата создания: 2020

Artist: Alina Babenko

Form: quad

Color: yellow

Color: red

Color: blue

Material: oil

Palette: warm

Style: Abstract

Nationality: Ukraine

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