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Following the voice of the soul, 2020

Alina Babenko
Your heart will always show the right path. The main lesson from "Flight", is to hear and listen to it. Trust yourself, and follow your inner guidance. That is an important lesson in our life.

Name: “Following the voice of the soul”
Series: “Dialogue”
Size: 100*100 cm
Material: oil on canvas
Place of creation: Kyiv
Date of creation: 2020

Название: “Следуя голосу души”
Серия: “Диалог”
Размер: 100*100 см
Материал: масло, холст
Место создания: Киев
Дата создания: 2020

Artist: Alina Babenko

Form: quad

Color: red

Color: yellow

Color: blue

Color: white

Material: oil

Palette: warm

Style: Abstract

Ukrainian Art: X

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