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Heimat, 2021


Unique on wood with sand from Austria
Unikat auf Holz mit Sand aus Österreich

Art is like love, you can't understand it, you can only feel it. (Hardy)

This is my world, this is my life! Away from the hectic hustle and bustle of our restless times, devoid of greed and ambition and far from the pursuit of material security and satisfied hunger for power, the realm of my longings and dreams begins. A world built of sand and stones, born of the memories of my travels to distant lands, bathed in colors and enveloped in gentle harmony. A world, in which my untamed urge for freedom and my longing for happiness and contentment seek fulfillment; which lets my soul grow wings and sends it on a great journey through the land of dreamed fantasies. Each of my paintings is a piece of this world, is a part of me, and shall be a gateway for you into a land of stopped clocks.

I will continue to paint beautiful positively charged pictures until the last negative person in my environment has disappeared as long as God allows me to do so. 
In this way, I contribute something positive to this world and even if it is only a small drop, even if it's just a little drop, it will make the world a little more peaceful, and that's what I want.

Artist: Hardy

Form: quad

Material: sand

Palette: warm

Color: red

Color: yellow

Style: Abstract

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