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Erinnerungsarchiv "Innerer Dialog"
Erste Solo-Ausstellung von Arthentico mit Alina Babenko
Memory Archives "Even if 50 or 80 percent water, every person is equal!"
Participating Artworks - "Even if 50 or 80 percent water, every person is equal!"
Arthentico is a hybrid art gallery that specializes in presenting, selling, and renting high-quality pieces of art. Each artwork is carefully chosen based on the quality criteria of art professionals. Our strategy is open while still focusing on quality, which sets us apart from our competition. We are confident that our approach, which combines unique art exhibitions with a broad internet presence, can address the issues of the art market, is crisis-proof, and can generate and increase public interest in art.

We can show the represented artworks in a number of exhibition settings, host a broad range of events, and offer lower commission rates on artworks than traditional galleries since Arthentico is not limited to a particular venue. At the same time, we provide a detailed and personalized service to assist you in choosing the right artwork for your home, business, or private collection and being delighted with it - in the best case, forever.
Vienna, Austria
Contact: office@arthentico.com
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