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Flight, 2020

Alina Babenko
Do You know the feeling when it feels like wings are growing? Flying experience gives a chance for a broader view of your opportunities and hit a peak. The subject of the painting is filled with strength and energy to create something great and obtain the desired thing.

Name: “Flight”
Series: “Dialogue”
Size: 100*100 cm
Material: oil on canvas
Place of creation: Kyiv
Date of creation: 2020

Название: “Полёт”
Серия: “Диалог”
Размер: 100*100 см
Материал: масло, холст
Место создания: Киев
Дата создания: 2020

Artist: Alina Babenko

Form: quad

Color: yellow

Color: red

Color: orange

Color: purple

Color: red

Material: oil

Palette: warm

Style: Abstract

Ukrainian Art: X

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