Monika Herschberger

Born in 1976, Monika studied in Vienna art school and later the University of Applied Arts Vienna, as well as in a conservatory (jazz singing). Since 2001 her art has been exhibited in Austria, Germany and Hungary, including Corvin Gallery (Budapest), IG Bildende Kunst gallery, Palais Kabelwerk, Heiligenkreuzerhof exhibition center, Raumacht art forum, Galerie am Lieglweg, Club Alpha gallery, and many more.

For Monika, painting has always been a refuge, a place to come back to herself. The gestural expression and the composition with color and shape are the focus of her art. Sometimes she sings during the process or listens to jazz songs for hours. Her artworks capture this rhythm and pass it on to the viewer.

She puts spontaneous thoughts and inner impulses in her abstract works with powerful gestures, striking strokes, and a passion for the material, color, and pens. Sources of inspiration for her series are elements of nature and its change, music and the love of playing with color. Her works want to inspire the viewer, arouse emotions and convey special moods.

Take a look at Monika's artworks via Arthentico gallery.

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