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"Inner dialogue" - exhibition diary

On October 25, 2022, the first Arthentico solo show "Inner Dialog" with Alina Babenko premiered in Vienna, Austria. The majority of the 20 paintings come from Alina's previous home in Kiev. These were augmented by paintings by the artist, which were created on-site. The metamorphosis of the artist's style, which evolved due to the destabilized circumstances in her hometown, in a more abstract, if you compare new with earlier works, is really thrilling to observe. The show was held in a 14th-century historic building in the heart of Vienna. Mozart is supposed to have visited this mansion and perhaps lived there briefly to see his mistress.

The combination of Alina's paintings and this historical place piqued our guests' interest. The private opening was attended by about 100 people, including representatives from the Ukrainian, Swiss, Polish, and Israeli embassies. The audience particularly liked the relaxing environment and creative implementation. The majority of the visitors remarked that they had never stayed so long at an opening before. The presentation was accompanied by violinist Dominika Witowicz, who sang Conchita Wurst's "Rise Like a Phoenix" on the violin as the evening's highlight, adding to the story of Alina's "Phoenix" painting, in which the artist finds hope for Ukraine's regeneration. The show was open through October 30, 2022, and it drew a large number of visitors every day.Throughout the exhibition, Alina Babenko and Arthentico gave visitors a brief glimpse into Alina's art world.

Arthentico was particularly pleased to receive a speech of thanks from the first Ukrainian Embassy Secretary Volodymyr Kolomiez, who thanked the gallery on behalf of Ukraine for its support of Ukrainian culture and also referred to the current situation in the artist's country of origin, Ukraine.

Arthentico was the first gallery in Vienna to sponsor Ukrainian artists, and it has remained an active supporter of Ukrainian art ever since. Arthentico has now established itself as a center of Ukrainian culture in Vienna, and it will continue to support and establish talented Ukrainian artists.

Our sponsors Hannes Steurer from Weinbau Steurer Traude & Hannes Haslau, Brauerei Murau with its non-alcoholic Murelli lemonades, and MeinBrö made the exhibition's unique buffet possible.