First Arthentico exhibition: Even if 50 or 80 percent water, each person is the same

Humans seek many things in life, but always security and recognition. We all share one or two things in common, yet we always find differences, which in turn drive us apart. Regardless of what we have in common, we still have one thing in common: water. Humans consist of between 50 and 80% water, a commodity that unites us all and shows us how similar we are. Especially in times like these, it is important to show people that we are all the same in some way and be safe and willing to help.

Through our connection with Ukraine in these difficult times, we at Arthentico want to work together with our artists to create an exhibition that combines classical and temporary art from Ukraine with contemporary art from Austria. An exhibition that enables Ukrainian artists who have fled to find a sense of belonging and support. Above all, we want to strengthen the discourse between the artists and offer visitors the opportunity to recognize where similarities and differences lie, not only through direct discourse with the artist, but also through the juxtaposition of Austrian and Ukrainian.