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How it all began - June 2022

Despite the fact that it was a lot of work, our first exhibition was a great success. We had four weeks to show that we could put on an exhibition, while at the same time realising our foundation and expanding our online offer. Despite numerous challenges, the Arthentico team held its ground and was able to welcome around 100 guests to the opening of the exhibition "Whether 50 or 80 percent water, every person is the same". The exhibition took place in the Favoriten Water Tower and brought Ukrainian and Austrian art together in one place. In these difficult times, we at Arthentico, together with our artists, have created an exhibition that combines classical and temporary art from Ukraine with contemporary art from Austria. An exhibition that gives the refugee Ukrainian women artists a sense of belonging and support. Above all, we wanted to strengthen the dialogue between the artists, as well as give visitors the opportunity to recognise similarities and differences, not only through the dialogue with the artists, but also through the juxtaposition of Austrian and Ukrainian culture. According to the MuseumsQuartier representatives, we were the first and only gallery to offer and successfully realise our support to the Ukrainian women artists on site, which in turn allowed us to establish ourselves as an expert gallery for Ukrainian art .The exhibition featured works in a variety of painting styles. From Iryna Depko's aesthetic portraits to Monika Herschberger's rhythmic abstract works. Every visitor could find something to their taste and be inspired for their daily life. We were able to exhibit our Ukrainian women artists next to a Ukrainian art great, as the Puschitz Gallery together with the Swiss Embassy provided the paintings of Yuriy Khymych for the exhibition. We are also very grateful to the City of Vienna for quickly making the location of Wasserturm Favoriten available to us, thus also contributing to the promotion of Ukrainian art locally. Thanks also go to all our guests who made the exhibition so special!

Exhibition Diary